Tune Up Your Body Challenge Day 2

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Tune Your Body Challenge Day 2!! Are you ready? How did yesterday go? Did you try something new with Oregano? If you missed Day 1 you can check it out here.  

+Add copaiba to your facial care routine (anti-aging moisturizer, hydrating cream, verage, tightening serum, Brightening Gel) .
The oil helps reduce the inflammation in the cells allowing your skin to glow and also boost the immune system from our largest organ- the skin.
Added benefit- copaiba reduces the appearance of blemishes

+Put copaiba to shampoo and conditioner to give your scalp & brain an added boost. Oleoresins act as a neuroprotective.

+Add a drop of Copaiba to your Onguard Toothpaste or Add a drop of copaiba when Oil Pulling. Copaiba is a terrific oil for oral health.

Copaiba essential oil is derived from the resin of the copaiba tree which can grow upwards of more than 100 feet and can be found in tropical South America. doTERRA has partnered with locals in this region to source our Copaiba essential oil. This partnership has created a sustainable and responsible way to source this exciting product and has the potential to create hundreds of new jobs.

▷ FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF COPAIBA OIL HERE: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/pr… Scientists have recently discovered the many benefits of Copaiba oil. Dr. Hill and Nicole Stevens discuss the high level of beta-caryophyllene contained in Copaiba essential oil. Why is this component important? When you use Copaiba oil, the beta-caryophyllene interacts with a receptor on the surface of a cell. This interaction creates a chain reaction, which changes the way the molecules inside the cell behave. This causes the DNA and other molecules to be up-regulated, or down-regulated. In other words, Copaiba essential oil has the ability to offer profound strength and support to the immune and endocrine systems. The potential for Copaiba oil is almost limitless! For this reason, doTERRA is committed to bringing you the highest quality Copaiba oil possible. Have you tried Copaiba oil yet? Tell us more about your experience in the comments below!

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Our Favorite Uses

Copaiba is an incredibly versatile oil that has been used for centuries. See some of our favorite ways to use Copaiba below:

  1. For your skin. Copaiba has the capability of keeping your skin clear and clean while reducing the appearance of blemishes. To take advantage of this benefit, add Copaiba to your toner and apply to your face in upward circular motions. Or, apply it directly to your skin before applying moisturizer.
  2. As a personal fragrance. Oils that blend well with Copaiba include Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frankincense, or Ylang Ylang. Using any of these oils that appeal to you, create your own personal fragrance in a roller bottle, and then fill the rest of the bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil. 
  3. For whole-body wellness. Most of the body can benefit from Copaiba—it supports the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous, and immune system.* South Americans have used copaiba resin for the health of many of these same systems. To take advantage of these benefits, add one to two drops to water, juice, or make your own tea using warm water and honey.
  4. To calm occasional anxious feelings. When you’re facing a stressful day ahead or feeling worried, diffusing Copaiba’s woody scent can help calm any anxious feelings you may be experiencing.
  5. As a way to protect and support your cells. Take one to two drops in a veggie capsule to take advantage of the antioxidants—the substance that stops potential damage to your cells from oxidation.*
  6. To unwind. Diffuse it in your room and focus on the scent to fall into a meditative state. Or, you can also use in a calming bath by adding two to three drops to body wash before mixing it in the water.
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The Chemistry of Copaiba

How to order and Save!!!

Go to http://bit.ly/2HpZKbt

Click “JOIN & SAVE”
Click “JOIN DOTERRA” Bottom right
Select “Wellness Advocate” or “Wholesale customer”
Fill our tour info and make sure you have 3925591 as your enroller (that’s me ??‍♀️)
Choose your Enrollment Kit

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??‍?Message me for questions or ordering help or go here: http://bit.ly/2HpZKbt

Primary Benefits

  • Supports the health of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory systems*
  • Powerful antioxidant*
  • Helps calm, soothe, and support the nervous system*
  • Promotes clear, smooth skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes

Aromatic Description

 Spicy, woody

Collection Method

Steam distillation

Plant Part

Resin from Copaifera reticulata, officinalis, coriacea, and langsdorffii

Main Constituents


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