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Day 22 Sneakers -Kristin McConnellHow to buy the perfect workout sneakers.

Beside the obvious they need to be cute and the perfect color? Right?! Or is that just me? I tend to go for shoes that come in my favorite color. PINK, but really the shoes you select can make a huge difference in how you perform your fitness activity, while the wrong athletic shoes can hurt your feet and even cause injury to other parts of your body.

My tips for picking the perfect workout shoes for you:

1.) Buy for your foot type. Knowing what type of foot you have will help you with your over all comfort. There are four main types of foot type. Normal, Flat, High, Very High. What shoes you need is actually usually determined specifically how high your arches are.  Overpronators’ feet roll inward as they run.  They often have flat feet and should buy shoes marked for stability or motion control.  Supinators’ feet roll outwards as they run.  The usually have high arches and should look for shoes marked as flexible or cushioned.  If you have normal feel that don’t roll when you run, you can buy a variety of shoes.

Foot Print Diagram

2.) Buy for a specific workout: You need get a shoe designed for that specific sport.  You will want different shoes for Running, lifting and court sports.  It’s going to provide better support and flexibility in the areas specific to the movement you’ll be doing.  For instance, tennis shoes provide better side to side support while running shoes provide more front and back support.  You’ll also find a difference in flexibility between certain types of shoes.

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3.) Go shoe shopping at the end of the day.  Pressure on your feet during the day makes them swell.  If you buy shoes in the morning, you may find your snug shoes are now just too tight.

4.) Bring your workout socks. You should also be sure to wear the same socks you exercise in; otherwise you’ll run into the same problem as tip number 3.

5.) Leave a little extra space in your shoes.  If there is a thumb’s length between your longest toe and the end of your shoe, you’ll experience less pain from crunched toes.  Be sure the shoes don’t slide forward and backward when you move.

6.)   Comfortable: You want to make sure you try them on in the store and walk around  in them. Making sure they don’t rub in the wrong place. Its important for them to fit right and be comfortable.  If they are uncomfortable in the store more and likely they will always be that way.


Let’s go shoe shopping!


Happy Shoe Shopping!







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