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Wow is it really August already! This summer is flying by! My kids are back in school! Jack is starting his Sophmore year and Gillian is a 7th grader this year. 

1st day of school 2019

July was our no spend month you can read about it here.

I am so glad we did this it was very rewarding plus we saved a lot of money.

With a new month and the challenge over we still don’t want to overspend this month just because it’s no longer a no spend month. That would almost defeat the purpose of the challenge last month. With that said it is a month we do have to spend a bit more money than a typical month since school started. Which means school supplies and new school clothes.

School Supplies and Clothes Hack

One trick we decided to do this year is “shop” the kids old school supplies! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. I have just thought the kids needed “new supplies!”

Each year my kids come home with a ton of unused or barely used school supplies. When I was packing our old house to move into our current home I organized all the supplies into baggies labeling then color pencils, markers, pens and so on… I have been keeping them in a drawer we pull the supplies out every once in a while we will pull out the bags to work on a project but for the most part, they just stay neatly in this drawer.

We got Gillian’s list from school and I pulled out all the supplies we already had! And let me tell you we found a good portion of her supplies!! Yay!! She needed another binder, a couple of notebooks and special Prisma colored pencils for her Art class. Jack was able to reuse most of is supplies, I only had to get him a 64GB flash drive, and some Micron Pens for his Multi-Media Class. They are both reusing their backpacks from last year.

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Shop You kids Closet!

Now I’m not against buying your kids new clothes for school. I think it can make going to school fun wearing new clothes. But before going out and buying a ton of new clothes. Check out what clothes you kids currently have and see what they have outgrown.

Gillian mainly needed jeans she has been growing like a weed. It’s hard to find her jeans for school because her school has a stricken. Old Navy and Target had some slim and tall jeans that fit her!

We had already bought Jack new jeans in June and he got a few new shirts for his Ozarks trip and from his birthday so he was a set for clothes this year. Well until he outgrows his jeans again…

UPDATE: We found some good deal at Kohl’s that actually fit his length and was smaller in the waist!

Do you shop you kids school supplies each year or do you buy new each year?

Sharing is caring!

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