Setting Goals

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Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. - Tony Robbins

Today I want to talk about Goals! 


Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins

Write down your goals!

What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel?

Where are you currently at with your health?

Getting into the habit of journaling your thoughts daily can help improve your mindset as well!

“If you cab dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Follow these steps to successful goal setting. If your goals are important enough for you to set them, I want you to achieve them.

  • Get super clear about your goal – BE specific
    • As you set your goal, be as specific as you can. Be sure to include what, when, where, and for how long to do your action. You may also ask yourself if anyone else will be involved to help you achieve this goal.
  • Make your goal measurable so that you know exactly when you’ve achieved it
    • How will you determine if you meet your goal? Identify exactly what it is you will see, hear, and feel when you reach your goal. It’s fun to track your milestones! This can also be as simple as setting a specific date for your achievement.
  • Give it a deadline to keep you focused
    • Setting a target date will provide the urgency and motivation you need to work on your goal TODAY. But don’t set it too far out. When we give ourselves 12 months to complete something, we often lose focus and forget about the goal. 
  • Plan your action steps by creating smaller goals within the main goal
    • HOW will you make this goal achievable? Your goal should be big enough to stretch you, so don’t think too small here. This step focuses on discovering what you need to achieve your goal. Will you need to adjust your mindset or learn new skills? Research, and find out what will be required to succeed.
  • Review your progress as this gives you real-time feedback and allows for adjustments to be made
    • It doesn’t have to take long, sometimes it’s just a super quick check-in of a couple of minutes.
  • Do your priority tasks first, then you’ll always move closer to your goal
    • We all have so much to do each day, my to-do list some days is a page long.  But here’s the trick, do your most important task first.  
  • Clear your blocks to Success
    • Your beliefs can massively block you from achieving your goals.
      • You might find that Affirmations can help with this part. I have a blog post all about affirmations. Check it out here
  • Celebrate Small Wins 
    • When acknowledging your own achievement by celebrating, you can gain motivation to keep going.
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Download my Free Daily Goal Tracker here.

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