Push-Up Down Chain

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Today’s workout is Push up Row Down Chain

While regular push-ups with your legs straight are challenging enough, if you really want to get stronger and build muscle in your upper back, arms, and core, this variation is a must-do. Grab a pair of light- to medium-weight dumbbells, and add this push-up to your routine.

Dumbbell Push-Up Row Down Chain

1. Begin balancing in plank position, shoulders stacked over the wrists, with a dumbbell on the floor in each hand.

2. Bend the elbows behind you, and lower the torso into a push-up. Press back up to plank.

3. Do ten rows on the right side, then on the left.

4. Lower back into a Push-up

5. Do 9 rows on the right side, then on the left.

Continue this pattern until you are at one push-up and one row.

Push Up Row Down Chain www.innovativehealthfitness.com

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