Money Saving Apps You Need Before You Shop!

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We all want to save money. I’ve been using these money-saving apps that actually pay you to shop!!

The coolest part? You can use these apps alongside sales most of the time!

Today we are going to talk about ways we are earning money back shopping! Earning money back on our shopping is a simple way to get us closer to our goal of FIRE. (Financially Independent Retire Early) Read all about it here.


I’m all about saving that money. I’ve found 4 money-saving apps that actually pay you to shop

The coolest part? You can use these apps alongside sales most of the time!

 It is crazy how hard we work to earn money, and how quickly & easily you can spend it when you’re not keeping track? I’ve been there, as I’m certain you have too. But the good news? There are actually real tried and true money-saving apps out there that actually do work.

Not only are they easy to use, but they literally help you save money every time that you open them. Yes Please!!!!

First Up my most used and favorite app!


Ibotta App

Have you tried this app yet? This is a must app to have! Basically, before you go to the store check this app for all the specials and deals. ( You can do this after you shop too!) Click the deals to add to your offers. Then go shopping after you get home, open the app scan your receipt and you will automatically get the saving added to your account. Sign up here through my link and we both earn $5! Yay! Free money! =)

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This is one of the best money-back apps ever. This app saved me almost 59% off my new prescription sunglasses I just ordered!! Yes!!!

Honey actually takes the item that you’re going to purchase online and checks out dozens of other online stores to make certain that you can’t get it cheaper anywhere else. It literally does all the searching and the hard work for you to give you the best price.

How simple is that?! Find out more about it here!


RAKTEN used to be EBATES free cash back app

Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates, and it’s probably the best cash-back app!

For every purchase that you make through their online merchants, you can earn some serious cashback!

Amazon currently is at 8% cashback (will vary daily) so this is a super simple way to earn some money back easily, especially with holiday shopping going on.



This app is super easy to do you basically just scan your receipt then you earn points for each purchase. You can save up your points to cash in for gift cards.

Scan Receipts

Just snap a picture of your receipts and we’ll award you points on all participating products and special offers. It’s that easy.

Earn Points

Earn points on thousands of products every time they appear on your receipt.

Get Rewards

Redeem your points for your choice of hundreds of available rewards.

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Go here to download the app. Use my Referral Code KA8CP, and you get a BONUS 2,000 fetch points ( $2.00 in points!) just for starting.

Download Fetch Rewards free here


Bring Your Own Bags!

Not sure about the area you live in but here in Colorado some areas have started charging 15 cents per grocery bag. So at some stores, this will be a double saving you will not only get charged they will actually give you a credit for each bag you use!!

Which Stores PAY YOU to use your own reusable bags?

  • Whole Foods pays 10 cents per bag
  • Sprouts 5 cents per bag credit

Target Red Card

I use the Target Red Card its linked to my debit card so I’m not charging anything. It’s like paying cash but when you use the Red Card you get a 5% discount on your purchases!

To get even more savings at Target using their Cartwheel app which is now just the Target app. While I am shopping I open up the Cartwheel offers to see what kind of extra savings they are offering. Most of the time I find an item I want and scan it in the app to see if there is a sale if there is I hit add to cartwheel. After you have added all the deals into the cartwheel simply have the cashier scan your cartwheel app the savings will automatically be taken off and then if you’re using your Target Red Card you save that additional 5%!! Win-win! Plus don’t forget to scan the receipt into the Ibotta app as well for even more savings!! =)

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Wow! I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all these ways to save on your groceries! If you have a tip that I haven’t mentioned please leave me a comment below!!

As you can tell, there are some great apps out there that can easily help you save money. If you’re looking for a simple way to cut down on your spending and maximize your savings, these money-saving apps might be the answer that you’re looking for!

Let’s start saving!!!

Money Saving Apps

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