Master Your Metabolism

Master your Metabolism

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Our lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some of these variables are beyond our complete control, breakthrough scientific research is revealing many ways we can influence—and even control— significant factors of aging and wellness.

A long life full of vitality and healthy aging begins with providing your cells with essential nutrients and metabolic factors to help them perform optimally, and dōTERRA’s proprietary line of oils and supplements can help support you in your efforts, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Take the next step in your health journey and learn how to Master Your Metabolism with dōTERRA at your side!

Product Guide

Lifelong Vitality Pack {LLV}

dōTERRA’s LLV has been formulated to reach 100% of daily nutritional needs based on an average diet. They contain the equivalent of over 12 servings of fruits and vegetables and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body, enhance metabolic function, and provide powerful antioxidants designed to promote energy and health.


Yarrow Pom


Yarrow|Pom is an expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil, designed to be your go-to for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, and overall wellness. When taken internally it can support a healthy inflammatory response at the source as well as promotes healthy metabolic function.


doTERRA Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend Softgels and Slim & Sassy Essential Oil bottle

Slim & Sassy Oil / Softgels

Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend combines powerful essential oils known to promote a healthy metabolism, manage hunger and promote a positive mood when ingested. When used in combination with a healthy eating and exercise plan, it can help you reach and maintain your weight management goals.


Slim & Sassy Gum

Slim & Sassy Metabolic Gum provides an easy, yet tasty way to stay on track with your weight management goals. Each piece of sugar-free gum has one drop of Slim & Sassy essential oil blend, providing long-lasting flavor and helping curb cravings and manage hunger.


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Master Your Metabolism Product Checklist

Make a Plan


UPON WAKING: 1-2 drops Yarrow | Pom in an empty veggie capsule or directly under the tongue.

BREAKFAST: LLV {2 pills from each bottle} + 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy EO in an empty veggie capsule OR 1 Slim & Sassy Softgel prior to eating

LUNCH: 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy EO in an empty veggie capsule OR 1 Slim & Sassy Softgel prior to eating

DINNER: LLV {2 pills from each bottle} + 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy EO in an empty veggie capsule OR 1 Slim & Slim & Sassy Softgel prior to eating BED: 1-2 drops Yarrow | Pom in an empty veggie capsule, directly under the tongue or in hot tea

ALL DAY: 2 drops of Slim & Sassy EO in 8oz of water 5x/day +Slim & Sassy Metabolic Gum as needed *If you’re new to using Yarrow | Pom, start with 1 drop.

Master Your Metabolism ebook


  1. Consume a  diet based on the consumption of whole foods. The foundation of almost any healthy goal begins with proper nutrition. The more a food is externally processed, the less it needs to be internally processed to be utilized by the body. Whole foods are more nutrient dense, less energy dense, contain higher amounts of fiber, and take longer to be processed. Skip the bag and box aisles and stick to the perimeter of the grocery store.
  2. Don’t forget your protein and fats. Protein and fat require more time to breakdown into their usable parts than do carbohydrates. A recent study in Cell Press mapped out the signals between your gut and your brain, finding that protein increases satiety through modulating mu-opioid receptors. These receptors regulate brain-gut communication. When combined with primarily carbohydrate meals, dietary fat has been shown to slow digestion in the small intestine.
  1. Drink more water. Your gastric mechanoreceptors can’t differentiate between food and water, they only respond to the volume of the substance passing through. Water quickly passes through without need of processing, but still can temporarily trick your body into thinking it is full. If you have hunger pangs but have already met your energy needs for the day, try a glass of water first.
  2. Utilize sensory cues. Smell your food before putting it in your mouth, use a smaller plate, chew your food for a while before swallowing to maximize the oral sensation —all of these small things prolong the cephalic stage and subconsciously increase food satisfaction.
  3. Experiment with meal timing and frequency. Contrary to conventional belief, studies have demonstrated that skipping breakfast has no negative effects on satiety, and may result in a reduction in caloric intake. Intermittent fasting—cycling between extended periods of fasting and shorter periods of feeding—has been gaining popularity and there is plenty of scientific research to back up its efficacy. Experimenting with meal timing and frequency can help you find the meal regimen that works best for you.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. In fact, 70% of adults in the US say they feel stress or anxiety on a daily basis.

Here are 8 simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

 1. Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks. High doses can increase anxiety. People have different thresholds for how much caffeine they can tolerate. If you notice that caffeine makes you jittery or anxious, consider cutting back. Need an all-natural energy boost? Try inhaling peppermint or diffusing citrus oils.


2. Write it down. One way to handle stress is writing it down. Another way is recording what you are grateful for. Gratitude may help relieve stress and anxiety by focusing your thoughts on what’s positive in your life. (I like the  Gratitude Journal)

3. Spend time with friends and family. Friends and family can act as a sounding board and lend support.

4. Laugh. Did you know laughter can also help improve your immune system and mood? Try watching a funny TV show or hanging out with friends who make you laugh.

5. Learn to say no. Not all stressors are within your control, but some are. Take control over the parts of your life that you can change and are causing you stress.

6. Avoid procrastination. Procrastination can lead you scrambling to catch up. This can cause stress, which negatively affects your health and sleeps quality.

7. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness describes practices that anchor you to the present moment. it can help combat the anxiety-inducing effects of negative thinking. A recent study in college students suggested that mindfulness may help increase self-esteem, which in turn lessens symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Diffuse! Using essential oils may help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. Here are some of the most calming scents: LavenderRoseVetiverRoman chamomileFrankincenseYlang ylang & Geranium.

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If you’re trying to lose weight, the amount of sleep you get may be just as important as your diet and exercise.

Bed Sleep

Check out these 6 reasons why getting good quality sleep is essential for overall health as well as weight loss.

1. Studies have found that poor sleep is associated with weight gain and a higher likelihood of obesity in both adults and children. People’s sleep requirements vary, but, generally speaking, research has observed changes in weight when people get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night.

2. Many studies have found that people who are sleep deprived report having an increased appetite, likely due to its effect on hormones that signal hunger and fullness.

3. Poor sleep can decrease your self-control and decision-making abilities and can increase the brain’s reaction to food. Poor sleep has also been linked to increased intake of foods high in calories, fats and carbs.

4. Poor sleep can increase your calorie intake by increasing late-night snacking, portion sizes and the time available to eat

5. Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories your body burns when you’re completely at rest. It’s affected by age, weight, height, sex and muscle mass. Poor sleep may decrease your RMR, although findings are mixed. One contributing factor seems to be that poor sleep may cause muscle loss.

6. Just a few days of poor sleep can cause insulin resistance, which is a precursor to both weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that moves sugar from the bloodstream into your body’s cells to be used as energy. When cells become resistant, more sugar remains in the bloodstream and the body produces more insulin to compensate. The excess insulin makes you hungrier and tells the body to store more calories as fat, ultimately causing weight gain.


If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, consider the following doTERRA essential oils/ products:

Take 1-2 Serenity Softgels prior to bed to encourage restful sleep and calm the nervous system.

Diffuse Vetiver before bed for a calming and grounding effect on emotions.

Diffuse Balance before bed to promote relaxation, ease anxious feelings, and evoke feelings of tranquility and balance.

8 R E A L I S T I C   W A Y S   T O   I M P R O V E  Y O U R   D I E T

1. Make a meal plan.

2. Eat the rainbow. Your cells can’t survive without a variety of vitamins. Eat an assortment of plants in varying colors. Next time you cook a dish, challenge yourself to include as many colors as possible. doTERRA TerraGreens is a great supplement that blends whole food fruits and vegetables for a quick, on-the-go nutritional drink.

3. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Eating more foods that have omega-3 fatty acids will help boost your immune system. Some great examples of these foods are salmon, tuna, tofu, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

5. Swap sugar for dates. Dates won’t spike your blood sugar and they’re a rich source of potassium.

6. Eat until you are 80% full, and then evaluate. Are you still hungry?

7. Plan your treats. Some people have a big cheat meal each week (meaning they give themselves permission to eat what they want). Others favor one small cheat a day. Whichever you prefer, plan it out!

8. Use a supplement to aid in digestion. Having your digestive tract clear can help with absorption of food. doTERRA’s TerraZyme is a great aid for digestion.

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Grab the Master Your Metabolism here!

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Kristin McConnell

Hi!! I'm Kristin McConnell, creator of Innovative Health & Fitness, I am a wife, mom of two an oil lover, and an educator. I believe health is a multi-faceted journey that I approached holistically. Therefore, as a personal trainer, health coach, wife, mother, lover of nature, all to help live a more abundant life.

About Kristin McConnell

Hi!! I'm Kristin McConnell, creator of Innovative Health & Fitness, I am a wife, mom of two an oil lover, and an educator. I believe health is a multi-faceted journey that I approached holistically. Therefore, as a personal trainer, health coach, wife, mother, lover of nature, all to help live a more abundant life.

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