Love Your Body 21 Day Challenge

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Hello February!! 

“Fall in love with taking care of your body!”

 Love your Body 21 Day LES MILLS On Demand  Challenge! 

During this challenge, we will be setting an intention of LOVE. Throughout the Love Your Body Challenge, we will show our bodies love every single day.  We’ll move and sweat together, we’ll eat nutrient-packed and delicious meals, we’ll practice meditation and self-care, and offer each other support and encouragement. You’re going to love the way you feel — strong, healthy, fit, glowing, empowered, supported, and loved…by yourself and everyone in our accountability group. 

This challenge is the perfect mix of workouts, from HIIT to strength training to yoga, so you start your year STRONG!

I want to help you start this year off right with a NEW FREE 21 day challenge!! 

Will you join us? This challenge will help you stay motivated and on track with your health and wellness goals! Let’s keep each other accountable! Are you in? Let’s do this!  Join Here

Are you ready for a fun and exciting new challenge?! Join me for a free 21 Day Challenge and get access to over 800+ workouts to stream, a sample meal plan, and a workout calendar!

Plus – I will be supporting you each step of the way in our private accountability group.




Fat burning, muscle building workouts every month, healthy recipes, tips and tools to help you with all your fitness goals.

Do you feel like you have no time to workout? Or go to the gym?  Have no energy? No problem!

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 LES MILLS onDEMAND is for you! I’m a busy Mom so I get it! This challenge will help you fit exercise into your day, learn to cook healthy meals for your family! And so much more!!  You will have access to quick, fat burning workouts you can do at home. No more spending long hours at the gym. These quick and effect workouts will burn fat for HOURS after your workout and will help boost your metabolism.


Remember you have always been beautiful you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter and stronger! 

You will also have access to our Private Facebook group where you can ask me nutrition and exercise questions. This group is great for keeping us all accountable! Plus I will be sharing, even more, recipes, motivation, and tips.

Being healthy and fit isn't a fas or a trend. Instead, it's a Lifestyle!

I will help you make fitness a lifestyle and say goodbye to fad diets that don’t work!

Will you join us?

  • 800+ Fat Burning, Muscle Building Workouts
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Motivation and Support
  • Hormone Management
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Learn to Eat Clean
  • Live a Happy, Healthy & Strong Life

                  Join the fast-growing Online Fitness Community! 

Make a Change because you Love your body... Not because you hate it!

Love Your Body   Challenge starts on February 3rd! 

Stop spending hours in the gym! One of the struggles I hear from women all the time is that they are consistent in the gym and with their eating, but their body doesn’t reflect that effort. And I get that.

This program is for the average intermediate to advanced exerciser who wants to lose fat faster, build muscle, tone or just stay on track. This program is for the busy Mom who has a hard time finding time for herself, this is for the busy working professional.

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I’m a busy Mom and I get it! It is hard to find time for ourselves! These workouts are the effect!

Join Us!

With, you will learn how to live a happy, healthy and strong life! This is not a diet it’s a lifestyle!

February 3rd starts our new monthly Challenge! Join in here:

Join US

Are you ready for our new challenge?! Starting February 3rd!


21 DAYS TO A FITTER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER YOU. Looking for a new challenge, to help you with your goals?

WHY 21 DAYS? Three weeks is an excellent amount of time to try different workouts and evaluate your new exercise routine. Over 21 days you’ll become comfortable with the different workout formats and gain an insight into the time of day and space in your home that works best for you. Most importantly, you’ll shift beyond the awkward stages of novelty and can start to enjoy your workouts and feel great!

Who’s in for this LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE?? 

Click here to JOIN! 

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