I don’t have time to workout!

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I just don’t have time to workout! Is this you? Have you said this in the past? I have heard this statement many times from a wide verity of people. In this day and age, we are generally busier than in previous years. We have work to do, kids to take care of, dinner to make, sports, kids activities…….I know I’m right there with you.  Being a Mom of 2 active kids in multiple after school activities, running my own business. There are many reasons why we just don’t have time to work out.

Busy Mom


Here are my top 5 tips to fit in exercise in our busy schedule.

1.) While Brushing your teeth!

We all brush our teeth at least twice a day. While you are brushing your teeth, Squat, see how many reps you can do. Regular squats, plie squat, sumo squat… Whatever your favorite squat is. (I also do this while putting on my make up!)

2.) In the Shower:

Yep, that’s right while I’m letting the conditioner work its magic on my tangled hair I do squat’s and then wall push-ups. Depending on the size of your shower you can also do lunges.

3.) While Cooking Dinner

While you are cooking dinner and waiting for the chicken to bake or the water to boil do lunges. Do as many reps you can on one leg then switch and do the same number of lunges on the other leg.

4.) While Watching TV.

While you are sitting watching TV move to the edge of the couch or chair and do dips, try doing this during each commercial.

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5.) While laying in bed

Before you go to sleep do crunches or Bicycle crunches. I also do butterfly kicks to leg lowers.

I hope these tips help you keep moving and fit some exercising in your day. You can customize the exercises to fit your needs and liking. Let’s keep moving and stay healthy.


In Health,

Elite Fitness Trainer Kristin www.innovativehealthfitness.com

Sharing is caring!

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