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An active and healthy lifestyle is something we should all aim for but it’s not always easy. I often get asked how to stay motivated to exercise. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that quick fixes are NEVER the answer! The good news is there are things you can do to make exercise part of your lifestyle. 

How to make time to workout

Here are some of my top tips to make the time to workout and turn exercise into a lifestyle.


Commit to Yourself!

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Making the commitment to add exercise into your life is the first step. To get there, you need a plan for when you’ll make it happen. 

A good way to stay committed and still enjoy other things in life is to find a balance and make time to fit exercise into your day. 

Don’t stress about the time of day you workout, just focus on how you’ll feel when you’ve finished the workout. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to make excuses to skip your workout. Treat your workout time like an appointment you make with yourself and show up ready to tackle your workout! 

Exercise is an adaptive process. Once your body gets used to the workout routine, it will become easier and you will notice the health benefits when you work out regularly. 

Workout with a friend

This can be tricky right now. Thanks Covid… When it comes to fitness, working out with a friend can boost your motivation and help you stick to a routine. It can be a great social outlet, reducing stress while improving your health. Keep each other accountable! Text each other to make sure you are staying on track! I also enjoy lining my apple watch to my friends as another way to stay accountable!

Working out with a friend or family member has so many benefits! You can push yourselves harder while becoming stronger and fitter together. A little friendly competition can be motivating too! I love a good challenge!! =)

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Track your workouts

It feels satisfying when you can tick something off your to-do list, right? 

Keep tabs on how often you train and for how long — ticking each workout off is a great way to stay motivated. 

By tracking your activity and progress rather than physical results, you are less likely to feel frustrated and want to quit if you begin to plateau.

Tracking your progress is a great way to keep your spirits up and feel motivated and see how far you’ve come. Take a moment to look at what you’ve achieved rather than focusing on what you haven’t done.

Don’t forget to celebrate small wins along the way and be proud of your progress. 

Make your workout enjoyable

It is so important that you enjoy working out because that is what will keep you motivated and inspired to stick to your routine. 

Choosing a workout routine you enjoy will help you to commit to it. If you don’t enjoy running on the treadmill, find something else you prefer doing and have fun with it, make exercise something you can enjoy!

You can make your workout fun by listening to music and listening to your favorite workout tracks to motivate you. 

Exercising even one day a week is still worth it! Make every workout count and keep up the momentum!

Focus on the benefits

A lot of fitness beginners may decide whether or not to exercise based on how they feel that day.  

If you’re feeling tired after a long day, you’ll probably make excuses for yourself. Remember, motivation alone won’t achieve your fitness goals, but making exercise into a habit can.

Think about the long-term benefits of your workout, such as having more energy and being able to lift heavier weights. 

Remember why you started, and use that as your motivation to keep on going! 

Soon you’ll come to associate working out with something that makes you feel good and it’ll be easier to make time for exercise!

Don’t quit

Exercise will only become a part of your life if you keep making time for it. Try to overcome the urge to quit, even when it gets tough or obstacles get in the way. 

Some weeks this may be easier than others but the important thing is not to give up! Connect with other like minded people to share tips for making fitness more enjoyable, be inspired and provide encouragement to other women towards a healthier lifestyle!

Invest in yourself and make time for exercise

If you struggle to make exercise a part of your life, it’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself! 

Breaking bad habits and building new healthy habits can take time, but the benefits are definitely worth it!

Always remember why you started! Your reasons for beginning the journey to a healthy lifestyle can provide motivation to keep at it, even when you feel like giving up. Make a new commitment each day to a healthier you! 

Not sure where to start! I run free challenges each month! I have a fun free FALL into Fitness Challenge going on right now!

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I’d love to hear how you’ve made exercise a part of your life, tell me in the comments below!

Your Coach,

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15 thoughts on “How To Make Time For Exercise

  • Bold_Beauty_Stacey

    This post definitely inspired me to appreciate the work I already put into my fitness routine. I found these inspiring and motivating! Thanks for sharing 💖

    “Take a moment to look at what you’ve achieved rather than focusing on what you haven’t done.”

    “Don’t forget to celebrate small wins along the way and be proud of your progress.”

  • Megan

    Making it fun is so important. Then it’s something you look forward to rather than having to schedule to make yourself! Either way though, you’re always glad you did it afterward 🙂

  • Melody Smith

    My problem is that I start off strong and then get outside of my element (like going to visit my mom or on vacation) and then it takes so much to get back into it again. But I love how you say to think of the benefits…. being able to still fit in your clothes, stronger bones, better heart health, etc

  • Laura

    I definitely like how you point out to “make an appointment with yourself”. That’s such a good mindset. I would never “no show” for a doctor appointment, why should I “no show” for an appointment for my exercise! Good ideas!

  • Hannah

    Finding a type of exercise that I really enjoy and resonate with has been a HUGE game changer for me! I’ve been practicing yoga regularly now for an entire year (had been on and off before that) and being able to explore all the sub-types has been so much fun! I literally can’t imagine a day without it and when I do have to skip, I can feel it. I look forward to getting up and having it as part of my morning routine! And after a year, let me just say I’VE GOT SOME SERIOUS GUNS HAPPENING!

  • Stephanie

    I have just started working out (still not regularly but I’m getting there) and I needed to see this post now! Reading this has given me new motivation to keep going and that it’s not always a bad thing!

  • Sapphire Greene

    Great tips! I am glad that you mentioned the importance of finding something that you enjoy. Sometimes people get fixated on the options they don’t like instead of finding something that they enjoy!

  • Denise Lenahan

    I started doing CrossFit going on my one year mark in June 2021, skateboarding, snowboarding and anything that gets me outside and being active.

    The suggestions are great and very useful for helping those newbies getting involved and taking that first step. Awesome job! 💪