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Greenhouse Demo

Old Green HouseGreenhouse Before

Lot so fun things have been going on around the new house! We started to demo the old greenhouse! I really wanted to save it! The idea of having a greenhouse just excites me so much! But unfortunately, the greenhouse that was here was not saveable. We considered fixing it up or even turning it into a chicken coop but the wood was just too rotten.  So it had to come down!

This was a fun family filled day! And let me tell you a fantastic workout!! I was feeling it the next day!

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We tried to save and recycle as much as we could but we did end up taking a load to the dump but save most of the wood and chopped it up for our fireplace. Which we will be using the ash to put into our garden this spring. So trying to use and utilize as much as we can!

Jack was a big help in our demo!

We are saving this windmill, we are hoping to be used for our new greenhouse!

This was a family affair the kids took turns taking a swing at the greenhouse.

Kids really thought it was fun to band holes and help take it down!

Our hope is to reuse these water drums for the new greenhouse, we did save as much reusable material as we could. We still need to bring down the concrete wall.

Once the walls were down we started to stripe out the insulation.

You would not have believed all the old bird houses, wasp nest and rats nest we found in the walls of this old greenhouse. Made me wonder a bit about the wall in my house!

Still a lot to remove but we are making progress! Do you like this kind of updates? I know its a bit different from my recipes or health and nutrition posts. I just thought it would be fun to share our new adventures with our new piece of land!

Have a wonderful day!

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