Father’s Day Weekend

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Hello!! How are you?  I hope you have had a fun weekend! We had a blast, we decided to go camping what a fun time. It was just my husband and daughter. Our son if on vacation with my sister in law.

We went hiking, fishing, glasses, relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of this beautiful world.


This was a fun hike and fishing excursion. We hiked down to the Poudre River and Ryan fished along the way he had a big bite but it broke off. He did catch one fish but wasn’t big enough to cook up for dinner so he let it go. 

Gillian and our puppy Cali. 

Trying to catch us some dinner.

A little workout/stretch at the top of the mountain. 

There was beautiful wild flowers everywhere I think I stopped about a million times to take pictures. 

Mountain House for dinner with a beautiful view. These are pretty good and an easy way to make a healthy dinner without all the hassle. 

Enjoying the beautiful view!


Starting to get a bit chilly but still enjoying the scenery. Evening fire to warm up!


I love our camping trips. We missed Jack but he will get to go with us next time. Do you like to go camping? Do you have any tips and tricks for a fun and healthy camping trip?


Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful day!


Your friend and Coach,



Sharing is caring!

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