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I had so much fun making this DIY concrete pumpkin! I was totally inspired by some of the amazing people I follow on Instagram! (You can follow me here)

DIY Concrete Pumpkin on porch

I am always searching Pinterest for fun ideas! (follow me over there)

DIY Concrete Pumpkin Supplies:

Concrete – I used what I had on hand but I totally recommend this product here so you don’t have to separate the big chucks in the concrete.

Bucket – for mixing

Cooking Spray

Plastic Pumpkin – the kind we used for trick or treating

Disposable Gloves – optional

Here we go!

I mixed the concrete in a bucket (according to the directions), I sprayed the inside of the plastic pumpkin GENEROUSLY with cooking spray so that the concrete could be removed easier and put the concrete in that bucket, just above the pumpkins eyes. I then put a plastic pot (the kind you get from a nursery when you buy a tomato plant, herbs, or flower….. I also sprayed the outside of the plastic planter and put aluminum foil in the bottom of the planter since it had holes in the bottom to prevent the concrete from seeping into the pot. I then filled the plastic pot with large rocks to hold it into place. And then I let it sit for over 24 hours.

DIY Concrete Pumpkin supplies
Plastic Pumpkin filled with concrete

This part can be optional if you just want to do a solid pumpkin. I wanted to make it a planter or candle holder plus it use less concrete.

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Plastic pumpkin filled with concrete and rocks holding down planter.

Now let it sit for at least 24 hrs!

Cutting the plastic pumpkin from the hardened concrete

After 24 hours I went out to check on it, it was still a bit wet but hard enough to take out of the pumpkin mold. I took scissors and a box cutter to cut the plastic away from the pumpkin.

Removed the top part of the plastic pumpkin from the hardened concrete

I slowly peeled it off the top part making sure not to cut into the concrete.

Concrete upside down pulling the rest of the broken plastic pumpkin off the concrete.

I put it upside down to pull off the rest of the plastic pumpkin.

I was so excited to see the how the concrete pumpkin turned out!

I was so EXCITED to see how this amazing concrete pumpkin turned out!!


NOTE: I have later seen a tip that before you put the concrete into the pumpkin cut the plastic pumpkin down the side and duct tape it back together that way when it’s time to remove from the plastic pumpkin all you have to do is remove the tape and pull it off! The best part is the pumpkin is reusable to make another concrete pumpkin! I will be trying this next time for sure!!

Finished concrete pumpkin

Add some flowers or a candle and you are ready to enjoy a beautiful concrete pumpkin for years to come! I’m wanting to make mini pumpkins and put either a tea light or candlestick in them! The possibilities are endless! You could also paint the eyes black or glow in the paint.

DIY Concrete pumpkin on porch with flowers.

If you decide to make one I’d love to see it!

DIY Concrete Pumpkin

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