DIY After Sun Spray

DIY  After Sun Spray!

It’s summertime which means more outdoors time!  Long hikes, camping, swimming, gardening and more. I love summertime but that also brings on more chance of getting sunburned. Which we all don’t want. In the case you do get burned you will love this spay. It’s soothing and calming.

Recently, my daughter was at the neighbor’s house swimming and forgot to reapply sunscreen. So she came home a lobster! Poor baby! That evening I applied the Aloe I had but it hurt her for me to rub it in. So the next day I just whipped up a batch of this DIY skin soothing spray. See recipe below.

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The spray immediately took the sting away and the redness was gone by morning. You can get the recipe on my most recent blog post. My daughter liked the spray better than me rubbing her burn it was soothing and cooling to her skin. She also had minimal peeling!!

This easy, at-home alternative to store-bought products is definitely something you should add to your beach bag this summer! All of the ingredients are natural and super calming for any kind of skin irritation, from cuts and scrapes to mosquito bites.



DIY After Sun Spray

  • Author: Kristin McConnell


Add all ingredient to the spray bottle, shake and spray directly on skin as needed.

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