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Time for a fun update to our master bathroom/ guest bathroom. Yep, that’s right Ryan and I share a bathroom with our guest’s. When this house was built it was meant for the upstairs bedroom to be the Master Bedroom/bathroom but Ryan and I wanted to be on the main level. We actually don’t mind having our bathroom as a shared guest bathroom.


Bathroom remodel Before


After Budget Bathroom Remodel

Breakdown of cost:

  • Grey Paint: FREE {Thanks to my wonderful MIL it was left over from her house!}
  • Behr Falling Snow White Paint: $45.98
  • Light: $44.97
  • Counter Top: $65
  • Counter Side Kits: $19.95
  • Drywall: $4.98
  • GFCI: $18.98
  • Push Switches x2: $21.98
  • Shower curtain: $19.99
  • Shower Curtain Rings: $9.98
  • Mirror: FREE
  • Rug: FREE
  • Plant: FREE
  • Pictures: FREE
  • New Towels: $19.98
  • Hand Towel: $6.99
  • New Plant: {FREE Gift from MIL}

Total: $278.78

Bathroom Remodel

I am so excited about how this bathroom remodel turned out!! By using materials and decor we already had saved a lot of money.

The grey rug I put into the bathroom, I originally had it in my kitchen. It also came from my Mother-in-Laws house after she moved into her new house.

The beautiful Ansel Adams prints my husband had before we got married and now we are finally utilizing them in our “new” house. Since we live in a Dome we don’t have a lot of traditional straight walls. So hanging picture has been very limited.

You can find these prints on Amazon!!

Ansel Adams Framed Art 28×40 “Moon and Half Dome

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Ansel Adams B/W Photo Mountains #1 Mural Project Wall Picture W/G Matted Framed Art Print

Framed Art Print, ‘Oak Tree, Sunset City, California, 1962’ by Ansel Adams: Outer Size 29 x 25

Taking off wallpaper

We used this to help in the process:

After wallpaper had been removed!!

Wallpaper removed

Just by taking off the wallpaper made this small bathroom look and feel even bigger!!

Vanity Before!

Bathroom remodel Before


Then we decided to go ahead and change our countertop. The full story we had bought a more expensive light for the bathroom. We took it back because for one we felt it was just too expensive and it had a bit of brass on the light fixture and didn’t really go as well as I have hoped. It was a beautiful light but… Since we decided to take the light back we were able to get a different light plus the countertop for less than the original light we had bought!!! #wechoosefi

During the [rocess of taking the countertop off. Which wasn’t easy because it was tiled on. The mirror came crashing down! Luckily no one was hurt and no major damage besides a shattered mirror!!


Light Before


Originally we planned on keeping the mirror and possibly framing it in. But when it came crashing down we had to figure something else out. We had a mirror in the upstairs hallway we were going to use but again my wonderful MIL had a mirror that was on a little bit similar in design and it worked out perfect! =)

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The shower curtain that was originally in the bathroom was silver and rusted! I thought originally I needed to by a new rod but then I remembered I have the Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic primer & paint in one spray (you can get it here) I had used in the kitchen remodel! Which I will be posting about in the near future. we still have some work to do to finish it!

Anyway, I took the old curtain rod sprayed it and let it dry!! And it looks good as new!!!

I am so very happy with how this remodel turned out! Have you done any budget remodels on your house?

Let’s take one more look at the before an after? what do you think?

Before and After

A BIG Thank you to everyone who helped and make this bathroom remodel possible!!! My husband Ryan, MIL Sherry and FIL Iain!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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