Back To School

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Back to School!


Well, it that time of year again. Kids are headed back to SCHOOL! Or the “S” Word according to my kids.

Do you dread it or celebrate them going back to school? I have mixed feelings each year. I don’t like that I don’t get to be with them all day but on the other hand, I get the opportunity to focus a bit more on my fitness and property management business.  I think the older they get the easier it gets to send them back to school.

This year my kids are going into the 5th and 8th grade. Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday they were just starting school.

With them heading back to school which means back to a routine, packed schedules, packing lunches and making healthy breakfast to set their days off right!

I feel it is important to put into place a good schedule.

Let’s first talk about breakfast. It can be so easy to just let them grab a bagel or a bowl of cereal. These options just won’t last.  They will get a quick boost of energy but will not sustain them through lunch or even until snack time. What I want you to focus on giving them a well-balanced meal, that contains the following:

Protein, Fiber, Fruit, Veggies, and Fat.

These amazing nutrients will help keep your kids feeling full longer. So they can focus on school.

If your kids are a cereal lover. Like mine used to be! Make sure to pair it with a side of protein. Such as bacon or sausage and eggs.

Check out   Super Detox Salad

A super quick breakfast can be scrambled eggs, bacon and a side of fruits and veggies.

Try these egg muffins you can make ahead of time you can even freeze them. Pop them in the microwave for 30 sec to a minute and enjoy. Easy Peasy.

I will be posting another blog this week that will include lots of recipes and breakfast ideas.

Okay onto lunch!

SO just like breakfast you want to make sure you are packing your kids a balanced lunch that includes:

Protein, Fiber, Fruit, Veggies, and Fat.

Watch for my next that will be filled with lots of healthy lunch ideas.



Here are some great ways to create a regular schedule for both you and your kids.


Ease them back into waking up early.  At least a week before school starts, get them back in the habit of going to bed and getting up earlier so the change doesn’t come as a shock to their bodies and they are well rested for school.

Implement set routines.  Create a schedule that designates times for baths, homework, and playtime, to help them adjust to their new priorities.

Create designated spaces Ensure your kids have a designated place to do their homework, one where they are close by in case they have questions.  Designating a study area away from toys, TV and other distractions will help them stay focused.

Plan ahead.  Kids usually prefer to stay in bed until the last possible moment, which tends to make the mornings feel rushed.  Help your kids get everything together the night before, including their outfit, packing a lunch and getting their school bag together.



Plan your meals ahead of time.  Before you become too tired or busy during the week, plan your meals out early.  Decide which meals you want to make for the entire week.  Put together your shopping list, do your shopping, and if possible, do some of your prep work on the weekend. It will lighten your load during the week. I do so much better if I already know what I will be making for dinner that day.

Spend less time running errands.  I am a list person! I love making all kinds of lists.  I suggest you make a list of what you need to get before you leave the house to make sure you don’t forget anything important.  Try to run all of your errands on the same day if possible and plan your route before leaving to save time driving around.

Family calendar to keep everyone up to date.  To help your family stay organized, use a shared calendar that everyone can see.  Put a calendar in the kitchen or other general areas of the house for everyone to see. You can also share your and sync your calendar’s to everyone’s phone. This really helps my Husband and I keep track of all the activities going on.


I hope you have a great school year!


Your Friend and Coach,






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