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Rest days and why they are important R: Recover E: Eat S: Stretch T: Tune In
R.E.S.T. DAYS Rest Days and why they are more important than you think! It’s totally fitting that I am putting together this blog post right now! Because I am actually on a forced rest day (weeks…month) I actually started to write this post before my injury but I thought now […]


5 minute Ab workout for women
Workouts don’t have to be complicated! I have put together a 5-minute ab workout! Want more I suggest repeating one or two more times! 10 Single Leg Toe Tap 10 Double Leg Toe Tap 10 Slow Bicycles Repeat 3 times! Single Leg Toe Tap What is a single-leg toe touch? […]

5 Minute Abs for Women

4 Tips to help you Actually Workout
These 4 tips can help you re-focused and get back on track with your workouts! These tips are a helpful tool to have in your back pockets for those moments when your mind needs convincing and your to-do list is growing by the minute! You know, the times when you […]

4 Tips to help you Actually Workout

Emergency why I was rushed to the ER! 3 comments
Let’s start at the beginning for the last few weeks I had noticed my right arm was swollen and turning blue and purple. There was small bruise on my shoulder but I hadn’t injured it. I also noticed that I had a bruise on my knee which was from a […]

My Journey with vTOS