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Bodypump Review
As I was working away at the Elliptical I would see through the glass wall this amazing class using Barbells! It looked like so much fun!! I could hear the motivating music even through my headphones… December 30, 2013, I finally got the courage to step into my very first […]


How-To-Make-Time-For-Exercise 15 comments
An active and healthy lifestyle is something we should all aim for but it’s not always easy. I often get asked how to stay motivated to exercise.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that quick fixes are NEVER the answer! The good news is there are things you […]

How To Make Time For Exercise

Fall Into Fitness 1 comment
Hello September!! A new month, means time for a new challenge? Will you join us? Free 30 Day LES MILLS On Demand Challenge Fall Into Fitness workout challenge is here! Energizing, HITT, strength, toning, sculpting workouts! WORKOUTS THAT FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Access high-energy, effective workouts, anytime, anywhere. Are you ready for […]

Fall Into Fitness Challenge 2020