Working Out With Kids

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Here’s the thing: Working out with kids can be challenging. If you’ve got kids, small ones especially, you know exactly what I mean.

“Your Kids are a reason to workout! Not an excuse!”

You can either use your kids and your crazy life as an excuse, or you can use them as motivation to be the best you and the best mom you can be!

If I know one thing as a busy working mom with two kids of my own, it’s that my own health and fitness are just as important as all of the other things I’m managing on a daily basis. If I don’t make fitness a priority, then I’m setting myself up for failure in other areas of life including motherhood. We all know that if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

So what’s the secret then? How do you make time for fitness when you’ve got small kids hanging around eagerly taking up all your time, sleep, energy, and pretty much everything else?




You’re setting an amazing example by showing your kids how important fitness really is. Invite them to join in! They are surprisingly strong and capable of doing more than you might think.


If you are going for a run make sure you are prepared. With some healthy snacks and water. There were times when my kids were little and out on a long walk or run,  away from my house only to have a kid start crying or whining about being hungry or thirsty. Just hand them their snack and water and carry on. If you are working out at home again make sure they have a snack and something to drink, take them potty or change their diaper, make sure they have something to play with before you workout. Of course they will NEED you while you are working out but hopefully being prepared will lesson the things they need during your workout.


Everyone needs a workout buddy. Someone to help motivate you, to cheer you on and support you.


No time for the gym today? Sick kids at home? Find a quick HIIT circuit to do. No equipment necessary. Just get a little creative! Lunging stairs, push-ups, air squats. You can do it! IHF Fit Club   is perfect for this situation. Quick 20 minute workout you can do from home. Just need a pair of dumbbells or hey you can use your baby as a weight if necessary. Make it a  fun game! =)

5. Workout first thing in the morning!

Work out before the day gets away from you. My day always goes better when I get my workout in first thing.  If your workout is done by the time breakfast rolls around, you’ve got more time to focus on your to-do list instead. If we wait later in the day things always happen.



Even if you’re not much of a runner a solid jog stroller is good for all sorts of things and much easier to push just about anywhere (except the inside of a clothing store). Plus, you can use it as motivation to become a runner. I did!

Throwback to 2008!=)

Or put them on your back for a walk around the neighborhood, hike in the mountains or a jog around the block.

Another #throwback


Invest in a few good multipurpose workout items. Some resistance bands, a good jump rope, a yoga mat, and a small variety of dumbbells. Nothing fancy, just basic and effective stuff for those times when you’re stuck at home or in a hotel room.

8. Workout while they nap

Take advantage of your time while your little ones are napping. Through in a laad of laundry put some music on and get your workout on! #multitaking #momlife


It can be a FitBit or a Polar watch,(I have a polar and love it!) Hubs has an apple watch. But any fitness tracker will work!   Anything that tracks your movement and motivates you to keep going. These are incredibly effective and totally worth the cost. You’ll love being able to gauge just how hard you’re really working, I promise! Also, did you know that most iPhones are equipped to sync with whatever fitness monitor you have? Truth, the app is built right in.

This is the one I have.


Make it worth it! For some people this looks like taking weekly cheat meals , or setting goals and rewarding yourself with a massage or new exercise clothes when you achieve them. I talked about bribing your kids but it’s just as important to bribe yourself too.

11. Cartoon time

Turn on your kids favorite show and get your a quick workout in while they are preoccupied with their cartoons while you get your sweat on.


Invest in a few good multipurpose workout items. Some resistance bands, a good jump rope, a yoga mat, and a small variety of dumbbells. Nothing fancy, just basic and effective stuff for those times when you’re stuck at home or in a hotel room.


I count park time with my kids as exercise for sure. There are so many things you can do to get your heart rate up and that includes chasing your kids around. Have you played a game of tag lately? Talk about cardio…

I did a quick Youtube Video about working out a the park. Watch here


Your kids might not always to be happy that you’re exercising. But they won’t  be deeply emotionally scarred from the 30 minutes a day you take to exercise, and you’ll certainly all be better off for it.

Take it as a personal challenge to hold that plank even when your toddler is using you as a jungle gym. Even if you only make it around the block a few times that day, put your jog stroller to use.

The mom life isn’t one of convenience. It’s never going to be “the right time” to work out, especially when small children are involved. Accept it, move on, and get going.


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