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Try this no equipment home workout!

This little workout is perfect when you are feeling crazy overwhelmed, and there is a billion things to do, and you just have to step away from it all or else your head might explode. #momlife

But moments like that just reinforce how important it is to get your sweat on. Working out is a great stress relief.

Follow the photos and instruction below for a 20 minute workout you can do anywhere, any time, with no equipment needed.

Each exercise I want you to perform for 30 second take a 10 second rest and move on to the next move then repeat the circuit again.


No Equipment Home Workout


Run in place for one full minute.


Then begin!


Side Plank

Side Plank 

  1. Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder.
  2. Contract your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to feet.
  3. Hold the position without letting your hips drop for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Side Lunge

Side Lunge

  • Take a large step with your right foot to the right side and lunge toward the floor.
  • Make sure your right knee does not extend past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight.
  • Push off through your right foot to return to the start to complete one.
  • Complete 30 seconds each side

Lunge Burner

Lunge Burner

  • Sit back into a squat
  • Step back into a lunge
  • Come back up and raise your arms into a side raise and bring leg to a side raise.
  • Repeat on other side for 30 seconds

Leg Lowers

Leg Lowers

  • This core strength exercise for the abs requires a lot of control – make sure you work within a range of motion you can control to avoid straining the low back.
  • Keep your spine pressing into the mat and make sure your knees never lift back past your hips when you lift the legs back up
  • Lower your legs and left them back up
  • repeat for 30 seconds

Incline Push Up

Incline Push Up 

Stand facing bench or sturdy elevated platform. Place hands on edge of bench or platform, slightly wider than shoulder width.
Position forefoot back from bench or platform with arms and body straight. Arms should be perpendicular to body. Keeping body straight, lower chest to edge of box or platform by bending arms.
Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.


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