Chicken Salad Wrap

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Chicken Salad Wrap

This month with The Recipe Redux Challenge June was to upgrade a traditional Sandwich Upgrades.


I love chicken salad and this time I tried to switch it up a bit and used some horseradish leaves from our property. It turned out amazing. The horseradish leaves taste a lot like kale. I have never grown horseradish before it came up all on its own. The previous owners planted two different big patches of horseradish, I wasn’t sure what to with it besides make horseradish sauce so I went to one of the homesteading facebook groups I’m a member of for some ideas and a couple people suggested to use them as wraps. Which was perfect for this month’s Redux Challenge.

You’ll love how fast & easy it is to throw this salad together. If you’re using leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken, you’ll be able to whip this salad up in no time at all.

Less time in the kitchen = more time to do the things that you love!



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