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February Promo

Posted by Kristin McConnell on February 8, 2019

February Promos save 10% Passion free Lavender Touch red mandarin and serenity free for new customers

This month is going to be another amazing month!

Free 10 mL doTERRA Lavender Touch with a 125 PV LRP order!

Promotion Details:
Sensual Linen Mist

For today’s Whip this Up Wednesday I’m going to show you how to “whip” up this quick DIY linen spray!

Sensual Linen Mist

This linen spray does more than just make your sheets and pillows smell good. These oils stimulate good thoughts, feelings, and special moments because they work to balance emotions

Orange Cream Fruit Dip
Tasty Tuesday Orange Cream Fruit Dip

Regardless if you are planning an evening with someone special, a night with the girls, or some much needed personal time this recipe can meet your needs! Enjoy in this healthy but decadent fruit dip and feel like the queen you are!

dumbbell weights in a roll

Lifting can seem intimidating, especially in a gym where the weight section. Do you fear heavy lifting? And worry it will make them look like bulky?

dumbbell weights in a roll

Major Benefits of Strength Training

Added strength, confidence, stronger bones, fat burn, and weight loss, better athletic

Master your Metabolism

C H A N G E  S T A R T S  W I T H  Y O U !

Change Starts Here!

Top Ten Uses for Grapefruit Oil

Posted by Kristin McConnell on January 17, 2019


Top Ten Uses for Grapefruit Oil

  1. Add 1-2 drops to your water to support a healthy metabolism.
  2. Diffuse to help increase motivation.
  3. Add to your facial routine to improve the appearance of blemishes.
  4. Relieve occasional cramps by applying 2-3 drops directly to the lower back or abdomen.
  5. Diffuse to purify the air.
  6. Diffuse or apply
Master your Metabolism

Join us for a 5 day educational event coming January 21st to the 25th!

You will learn some of dōTERRA’s key products to Master Your Metabolism! (Goodness knows I need it after the holidays!)

Peanut Butter Cookies Close Up
Peanut Butter Cookies on Tray

Decembers Recipe Redux Challenge/Theme was to grab the nearest cookbook and “ReDux” the recipe on page 201, 18, 218 – or any combination of the number ‘2018.’

I grabbed my trusty Better Homes and Garden Cookbook my Grandma bought me after I moved out of my parents home. 

Winter Wellness Promo

Posted by Kristin McConnell on December 19, 2018

Category: Fitness


doTERRA did it again! They surprised us with a special PROMO!!! WOW!!! This is the perfect time because I’m out of a few of these now have even more of a reason or stock up!

Here’s the deal….

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