Avocado Egg Toast

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Okay, I am so in love with avocado toast!! It’s a great balanced breakfast with healthy fats, and lots of protein.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Don’t skip breakfast! I do recommend intermittent fasting. Meaning if your last meal is at 6:30 pm your next meal would be 6:30 AM. I will write a whole blog on this going into detail on the benefits of intermittent fasting.

While eating any breakfast is better than skipping breakfast altogether, some choices are better than others. Carbohydrate-only breakfasts, such as bagels and cereal, can give energy for one to two hours, while complete breakfasts that contain a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates can keep blood sugar levels steady for hours.

Make sure it a balance of protein, healthy fats



Avocados are called a superfood for good reason: they’re like the hero of fruits! Avocados contribute unsaturated “good” fats, and good fats can help the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients Vitamins A, D, K, and E. Healthy avocados contain 6 g of naturally good fat per serving – one-third of a medium avocado. Good fats help the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients without raising LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels when eaten as part of a healthy diet.




I’d love to hear what your favorite breakfast is! Comment below!


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