10 Ways to Use Breathe

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10 Ways to Use Breathe

Breathe Respiratory Blend is a powerful blend to grab anytime you need to open your airways from congestion or constriction. 

  1. Let there be air. Add a couple drops to your palms to open up airways and breathe deeply
  2. Workout Support. Apply 1-2 drops to your chest during an intense workout to breathe deeper.
  3. Shower Time. Add a few drops to the corners of your shower and let the aroma mix with the steam to create a spa experience.
  4. No More Snoring. Rub 1 drop onto each big toe to stimulate the sinus reflexology point on the feet to stop snoring.
  5. Congestion. Apply a couple drops with Lime to open up the airways and reduce congestion.
  6. Sinus Support. Apply 1 drop to sinuses, forehead, and sides of the nose to open airways.
  7. Clean air. Diffuse several drops to purify the air to promote clear breathing.
  8. Barking Cough. Diffuse Breathe with Frankincense, Marjoram, and Thyme to relieve a nagging barking cough.
  9. Massage. Bring with you during a massage and add a couple drops on a kleenex and secure under the headrest breathe clearly during the massage.
  10. Pick Me Up. Diffuse with Wild Orage and Bergamot in the afternoon for an energy pick me up.

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